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Business cyber resilience is the ability of a company to continue operating effectively and achieve its business goals, regardless of possible cyber incidents or attacks.


If your company has already built a mature cyber security system, we

will assist with the following areas of activities:

  • external and internal testing of information systems and computer networks for penetration (ethical hacking);

  • detection of vulnerabilities in software products: Secure source code review, Web/Mobile application security testing, and API security testing.


For businesses that are just paving their way to ensure a high level of cyber resilience, SK Security experts provide a wide range of services. 

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We provide expert assistance in recovery after cyber incidents and their further investigation.

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We analyse existing cyber security systems to identify potential drawbacks and real vulnerabilities.

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We audit compliance of employed systems with the requirements of applicable international standards.

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We advise on building a cost expedient and realistic strategy to ensure business cyber resilience.

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We help to create an effective cyber risk management system.

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We train and educate employees on cyber hygiene and the basics of cyber security.


If you are interested in the service or have any questions, please call us, write to us or leave information in the feedback form.

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